Turkey Bowl
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Turkey Bowl

Back to Back Zach for 2018! A Thrilling 5-4 Win.

Recognition in the St. Louis Post Dispatch!!!

The 32 Rules of Thanksgiving Football. Click Here



The Winning Team


Left to Right - Wes, Clayton, Anthony, Vic, Evan, Zach, Zach


The Losing Team

Left to Right - Chris, Brian,Sean, Corey, T-Bone, James, Andrew

After 52 years, the family game that started a Thanksgiving tradition, was recognized in the St. Louis Post Dispatch with a great article from Ben Hochman (Thanks Ben!!). And what an article it was. And what a game it was! I guess it was only fitting that Zach Greene who was instrumental in getting the family tradition recognized, would again lead his team to a thrilling victory over T-Bone's team, marking the second win in a row for Zach. With Wes as the honorary coach, the team won  a shootout by the score of 5-4. Defense was scarce (the only thing worse was the horrific kickoffs by each team )  in the early going as each team scored on their first 2 possessions (including an outstanding catch by Andrew early on)and Zach's team took a 3-2 lead into halftime QB.  Evan played a very strong game and Anthony Gatti took MVP honors with 2 Touchdown catches and a key interception. Breakout star Clayton Greene also caught 2 TDs and was a contender for MVP and would have sealed it with a third touchdown catch. Clayton has clearly moved up in the draft for 2019.

Zach's team took a 4-2 lead and it seemed like the game would be over before 11 but then T-Bone's team scored  and the defense stopped  Zach on two consecutive occasions. James Manchisi made a key sack in one of the possessions and gained notoriety for playing with Airpods! Play of the game was Brian Manchisi's circus catch to make it 4-3 though it did not come without consequence as Brian hurt his knee and was out for the remainder of the game. The gods are not kind to the injured as Brian's team (like Zach's 2 years prior) could not pull out a win for the injured player. A touchdown to Anthony Gatti sealed the win for Zach and the celebrations began including the traditional peppers and eggs at Mama Greene's.

TRADITION! (and RIP Uncle Tom...)

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Turkey Bowl Standings (1998-2018)**
Name History MVP's W L   Pct
Butch Madison WWLW   3 1   0.750
John Sylvestri WWWL 2 3 1   0.750
Clayton Greene WLLWWWWLWW   7 3   0.700
Barry Fendleman WWL   2 1   0.667
Garrett Bruce WWWLWWLL 3 5 3   0.625
Raffaele Gatti WLWWLLWW   5 3   0.625
Cory Remspecher WWWLLWWL 2 5 3   0.625
Mike Kapnick LWWWLWWWLLWWLLW 1 9 6   0.600
Brian Manchisi LWWWWLLLWWWL 2 7 5   0.583
T-Bone Greene LWWLWLWWWWLL   7 5   0.583
Jeff Gatti WWWLWLL   4 3   0.571
Tim WLWLLWW   4 3   0.571
Mike Manchisi LLWLWWLLWWLWWWLW 3 9 7   0.562
Sean McLanahan WWLWLWWLL 3 5 4   0.555
Vic Lombardo WLLLWW   3 3   0.500
Ryan Cronin LWWL 1 2 2   0.500
Wes Greene WWLLLLWLWW   5 5   0.500
Tom Greene WWLWLWLL 1 4 4   0.500
Andrew Gall WWWWLWLLLL   5 5   0.500
Brian Hayes LWWL   2 2   0.500
Dylan LWLWWL 2 3 3   0.500
Zach Higdon LLLLWWWLLWW 1 5 6   0.455
Zach Greene WLLWLWLLLLWW   5 7   0.417
Bob Greene WWLLLWLLLW 2 4 6   0.400
Ben Miller WLLWL   2 3   0.400
James Manchisi WLLWLWWLLLL   4 7   0.364
Bill Greene WLLWLLWLLWLL   4 8   0.333
Steve Greene LLLLWW 1 2 4   0.333
**Players who have played at least three games prior to 2012      
Kids MVP's - Brian (2), Matt Bierman, Ryan, Zach Greene, Zach Higdon, Logan, Chris, Jacob  

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