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A tight short performance to what looks like an annual friendly MasterCard crowd seemed to be a big hit in Westport. Band harmonies were strong throughout and even IRONMAN seemed to be impressed with the band's vocals.  Audience requests again became a big hit with Sweet Home Alabama/Werewolves of London, Back in Black and Free Bird being the singalong standouts.

Bill Greene took MVP honors for a great performance (I actually don't remember any missed words or mistakes throughout the entire evening!) and Paul Abouchon and a rare WITE LITE  appearance by Bob Horner of IRONMAN again demonstrated why these guys are the best with an outstanding mix and light show.

WITE LITE - CINDY'S 50th (11/04/06)

The band hit a new milestone playing it's first 50th birthday for Cindy Reeg at the Missouri Bluffs. A crowd of Cindy and Rob's family and friends had a good time and though the band was requested to turn down three times in the first set, they eventually won the crowd over with a few slow songs and a strong second set. Click here for the set list as best I can remember it. Debuting Butch Walker's "The Taste of Red", the band also added Steve Miller's "The Joker" and an audience request section in the third set that included snippets of Blackbird, China Grove, Tush, Good Times Bad Times, I'm on Fire, Take it Easy, Pink Houses (with guest vocalist Mike Rethorn), Joy to the World, Rock Candy, You Shook Me All Night Long, Rock n Roll Hoochie Koo, Sweet Emotion and Walk this Way. Paul Abouchon of IRONMAN sound again provided an outstanding mix battling the dreaded Missouri Bluffs stairs and power challenges early on in the night which is why they are the exclusive provider of WITE LITE sound in St. Louis County. MVP honors were shared across the band and Paul who all provided strong performances throughout the evening.

Given the presence of lawyers in the room, the soundalikes of Sweet Home Alabama and Werewolves of London may result in posthumous litigation and the band is looking at another December gig to round out 2006. Stay tuned and Happy Birthday Cindy!



Playing outside of the St. Louis area for the first time in years, WITE LITE brought it's 2006 tour to Lake of the Ozarks in honor of Tom Greene's election as President of the Missouri Optometrists Association. Kevin Finnegan flew in for the occasion and was strong throughout, slowly weening himself away from the lamp and music stand. The band also debuted a  new look - sparkling monogrammed bowling shirts that will be used in all upcoming bowling alley gigs and depending on demand, may be added to the band's merchandise store.

Opening with Tom Greene on vocals for I Fought the Law the band played two strong sets (other than a horrific version of Rock and Roll All Nite) that had the friendly crowd on it's feet throughout the 3 hour event. A strong mix by Will West Music (a departure from IRONMAN sound given the location) as well as a light show added to the overall WITE LITE experience.  Click here for the complete setlist as best I can remember it.

Afterwards the band settled back in the presidential suite to celebrate a strong outing. Congratulations Tom!!



WOW! Other than Jefferson Airplane, it seemed like WITE LITE covered the 60's and 70's last night. Again playing 50 Songs, WITE LITE played one of its favorite gigs of the year at the annual Rock n Bowla. The gig featured many guest vocal appearances including John Hertel who returned to sing Suffragette City, a few Zeppelin covers and provide harmony vocals throughout the evening as well as Joel (Sweet Home Alabama, Come Together, Takin Care of Business) Mike (Cadillac Ranch) and another spirited performance of Twist and Shout. It was clearly the most Karaoke session the band has played though the crowd enjoyed the event. Scott  (a new name) from IRONMAN sound provided a very strong mix and took MVP honors (even though the light show was delayed) as a result of a good monitor mix and a very strong house mix (Thanks Scott!!)

The band was very relaxed in the first set inserting many ad-libs which made for a fresh sound. Tom Greene was vocally strong on Apolitical Blues and War Pigs and Bill Greene was outstanding on drums and vocally throughout the night, coming up slightly short of MVP due to offstage antics.  Click here for the set list as best I can remember it.

Thanks again to Smitty and Arlene for throwing a great end of summer party! After 5 years, we feel like we know these people! The Missouri Optometrists Association were also in attendance scouting the band for the upcoming October gig. In the words of John Lennon "I hope we passed the audition"!


WITE LITE played a United Way benefit at Kiener Plaza on a hot Saturday afternoon to a crowd of about 100 people who had worked the morning. Including the sound check (I Fought the Law and Can't Explain) the band played a short 14 song set (Mary Jane, Cinnamon Girl, Hard to Handle, Apolitical Blues, Fire, Back in the USSR, Hymn 43, I Saw Her Standing There, Sweet Home Alabama, Werewolves of London, End of the World and I am the Walrus) before the heat sent most of the crowd packing. Mixing duties were handled by Brian (IRONMAN sound was not available) and the band received a certificate of appreciation for donating their services. Portions of the set were captured by the local news which all band members are frantically trying to obtain.


Celebrating Raffaele Gatti's graduation from DeSmet, WITE LITE played a very strong 3 set show at Saratoga Lanes. Playing 50 songs (click here for complete Setlist), and with the Wizard in attendance, the band put on on one of their best shows in recent memory thanks to an outstanding mix by Paul Abouchon of IRONMAN again. From the infinite delays at the end of Play that Funky Music to the Zeppelin ending, these guys again demonstrated why WITE LITE only uses them for performances (Paul - you need to get to Lake of the Ozarks in October!)

The band opened with American Idiot to show the largely younger crowd that they knew recent material though requests for Trivium were largely ignored.  A weak When We Were Younger solo put Manchisi behind in the MVP honors early though the crowd seemed to enjoy the Tom Petty material and asked for more prompting the band to revisit the Petty setlist for upcoming gigs. Apolitical Blues was the set's standout with Tom Greene supplying the best performance of the tune in recent memory. Bill Greene was also strong in supplying most of the first set vocals.

The second set opened with Birthday for Wendy Greene and when Tom "spread Satan's wings" on War Pigs, MVP honors were virtually wrapped up. Little Wing and Fire were also standouts in the second set as was John Hertel's performance of Honky Tonk Woman, quite a departure from the Stephen Greene guest vocals the band has seen.

After Jeff Gatti and friends performed Johnny Cash's Hurt, Simple Man and original (yes it's the new generation), Zach Manchisi opened the 3rd set with Roadhouse Blues and performed 4 tunes, including resurrecting Jack Daniels Blues complete with a bottle of Old #7! Rock and Roll all Nite seemed to have the crowd's interest, though key challenges prompted Paul to bang on the mixer as if there was a technical problem. John's return for Suffragette City and Sweet Home Alabama set the stage for an unrehearsed Led Zeppelin tribute that included Heartbreaker (complete with guitar solo), Livin Lovin Maid, Stairway to Heaven and Good Times Bad Times which closed the evening. Though many in the crowd believed Manchisi's Page impersonations catapulted him to the MVP spot for the night, this writer is not convinced. Overall, an outstanding performance by the band that will be talked about for days (or at least hours!)



WITE LITE - TOWER GROVE PARK 04/22/06! Return to home page

In a benefit for Life Skills as part of the "Walk Run-n-Roll", WITE LITE played outside on a beautiful Saturday morning.

The band started off a little slow (it was 8:30AM) and it looked troubling when they were told to turn down after the soundcheck version of Somethin' Else (one of the quieter tunes the band plays). However, the band quickly got into their groove and introduced two new Hendrix tunes in their entirety (Little Wing and Fire) as part of the set list. No MVP honors to give today other than to Tanya, who asked for a t-shirt and to have her picture taken with the band, not realizing she made our day more than we made hers! Bill Greene , recovering from a basketball finger injury was solid though his I am the Walrus remix without notifying the band caused some challenges on 3 occasions throughout the song. Other notables were snippets of Don't Fear the Reaper which seemed to have selected crowd interest and Bill Greene's "Don't Pull Your Hamstring" revision of the Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds classic. Special thanks to Bob Horner of IRONMAN for coming out early and providing a great mix.

Favorable reviews from the crowd and inquiries as to future gigs made the band realize they were at a loss for marketing materials with Tom Greene writing the website location to many with a Blue Sharpie!

Click on the Life Skills logo or hyperlink to learn more about this great organization!



Inspired on the 25th Anniversary of John Lennon's tragic death, WITE LITE played to a friendly MasterCard crowd at a private event in Clayton. The band was very strong throughout the night playing a long single set for the corporate gig, and debuting new songs such as Stories in Your Eyes and Good Times while also including snippets of I Want You to Want Me, Lola, Little Wing, Good Times Bad Times, and Sweet Emotion, which turned out to be the highlight of the evening.

The Grinch also was a big hit for the holiday event and the Lennon dedication (I Am The Walrus) was very strong though John may have been rolling over as Bill butchered the lyrics to All I've Got To Do ("Whenever I Call You Up Yeah"??????).

Tom Greene took MVP honors for a great performance and simply for making the drive from Jeff City on a snowy day only to return home that same evening!! Paul Abouchon of IRONMAN again demonstrated why these guys are the best with an outstanding mix and light show, even though the band did not have time for a soundcheck.



WITE LITE - MA GEE'S - 11/05/05       

Playing their first "non private party" gig in years, WITE LITE brought its diverse selection of tunes to Ma Gees. The evening started off tense as a private party for a local Rugby team pushed into the 8:00 PM start time. None of the rugby team seemed to be thrilled with paying the cover charge and tension ensued (including a rare display of emotion from Bill Greene!)

With that event behind them, the band performed three sets though were a bit sloppy throughout the night. No band member received MVP (Manchisi turned off the horn section in Brandy, Tom was challenged with Cinnamon Girl and Fight for Your Right, Bill's unannounced drum solo before Rock n Roll All Nite and Kev inviting Steve Greene for Honky Tonk Woman at a public event were all grounds for disqualification) and the honor was shared between Paul Abouchon of IRONMAN who again provided an outstanding mix and light show and Katie Ventura who desperately tried to get a crowd to the dance floor. (Click here for the SETLIST)

First set standouts included Yer Blues and Mary Jane and the band called an audible and surprised Manchisi with a rendition of Birthday in the second set. The third set included a rough version of Live and Let Die and Plush and strong versions of Zappa tunes, as well as a reprise of American Idiot. A strong turnout from MasterCard, Fidelity and Brian's soccer team helped give the appearance of a packed house for the event (Thanks to all who came!!)

The band will look to the private party circuit in December before evaluating offers for a 2006 tour.



Playing 50 Songs (many more than once!) , WITE LITE again rocked Saratoga Lanes last night at the annual Rock n Bowla. The band opened with American Idiot (one of the few songs played that is not more than 20 years old!) and continued trough a strong first set which closed with I am the Walrus. Rich and Tim from IRONMAN sound provided a very strong mix and the band was in very good form throughout the evening.

Requests to turn down were largely ignored as the band opened the second set with War Pigs, a tune usually reserved as the evening closer. Once through the Ramones tunes, the band went into Free Fallin (a new one) and then the legendary 70's selections that have earned the band the reputation as having the most diverse set list in St. Louis. Click here for the set list as best I can remember it.

The third set included many guest vocalists, and Smitty calling audibles to the set list which included a reprise of 5 tunes from the second set, Please, Please Me and Can't Explain.

Manchisi earned MVP honors for calling Buttercup in the second set and the "We're Not Gonna Take It" chant during the Please, Please Me solo though the band was all in strong form.

A November gig at McGee's is in its early planning stages and a DVD from the Saratoga show is currently in the works.


In a prelude to Mary and Tom Greene's 50th Anniversary Party, WITE LITE played a two set performance at the WestPointe Clubhouse Friday to what was largely a family crowd. Band presence was strong with both Kevin and Zach (and families) flying in for the event. Kevin provided strong rhythm work and vocals on Folsom Prison Blues and When the Whip Comes Down while Zach performed a 3 song medley of Fire, Heartbreak Hotel and Roadhouse Blues.

No broken strings this time, though Manchisi's performance was clearly affected by Singapore jet lag and Bud Lights. The second set opener of American Idiot ("cluck America") went over extremely well with the younger audience though both  of Manchisi's sons commented on the sloppiness of the guitar solo. Click here for the complete set list.

The second set also featured an American Idol contest with Steve Greene's Honky Tonk Woman ousting John Manchisi's Sweet Home Alabama (it must have been the dancing) and Dana Greene and Margaret Manchisi also competing (though no winner was ever chosen).

Bill Greene took MVP honors with a very strong vocal night and IRONMAN sound again provided sound duties. Snippets of Good Times, Bad Times also seemed to go over well with the crowd (too bad we don't play the whole song) and the band closed with a blistering version of Fight for your Right to Party.

Look for an upcoming gig in August.



Clearly moving up in the world and playing to one of their larger crowds, WITE LITE completed a strong 3 set performance for CFD ("Carolyn's Farewell Day" or other meaningful abbreviations!) . Thanks to Jim Whalen, the band played in their most prestigious venue to date (flanked by salmon and a pasta bar!). The I Fought the Law opener started a strong first set which closed with Birthday (yes I believe there was one in the crowd!) and I Am the Walrus. (Click here for the complete set list)

The second set was most diverse, opening with Ramones standards and then moving back to the 70's which opened up the dance floor. A broken string during Don't Pull Your Love was the only problem though the song went on without many noticing. All band members were strong and Manchisi fought off a cold to give a reasonably strong performance thanks to Paul Abouchon of IRONMAN providing a "stellar" (yes stellar) mix.

By special request, the band opened the third set with War Pigs and also included Tell Me Where to Go (which maybe only one or two in the crowd would have recognized) and continued on well past the planned setlist to include songs like Twist and Shout, Werewolves of London, Sweet Home Alabama, Brown Eyed Girl and Smoke on the Water (with guest vocalist Mike Rethorn). The band also played two Zappa songs back to back which the MasterCard friendly audience seemed to enjoy and will also work on Rock Candy (I promise Mike!). Look for another gig in the next few months which includes the full band and wear those T-shirts proudly!

Though the event began with  "What Happens Here Stays Here", any pictures from the event can be forwarded to   and will be posted here.

Best of luck Carolyn and hope everyone had fun! I certainly enjoyed playing the event!