2008 Turkey Bowl
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2008 Turkey Bowl


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With Tom Greene walking around in IOWA, the young Manchisi boys stepped up to captain an "interleague" game that merged the kids and the adults in a 5-4 nailbiter. Brian Manchisi bested his older brother James and his first round pick Sean was again named MVP for an unprecedented third time throwing three touchdowns and running for another 2.  The team of (Name help please) Brian, Garrett, Ryan, Sean, Wes, Mike, Jeff and 4 other guys defeated the team of James, Zach, Zach Higdon, Mike, Ryan, Anthony, Vic, Bill , Clayton, and two other guys. The large team sizes resulted in fielding 7 at a time and subbing four, a welcome change to the senior circuit players who continue to contemplate retirement each year. The new format may well extend the careers of Bill, Mike and others.

The game started quick with Sean throwing a touchdown pass to Garrett, who with two TD catches and an interception was leading the MVP voting until he left the game for dinner! Ryan was unable to generate any meaningful offense for James' team early on and at the half were down 3-1. The sun however played a major factor and the field reversal resulted in Ryan staging a comeback, ultimately running for two touchdowns and throwing for two more. An interception late in the game by Zach Higdon enabled  James' team to tie the score though on the following possession, Sean hit Mike Kapnick on a 4th down long pass to end the comeback hopes.

Other highlights were Vic Lombardo's kickoffs and kickoff return and Brian Manchisi's key fourth down catch that enabled a drive to continue late in the game.

The game will be remembered for the many running plays, and the beautiful weather that made the sun a factor. In the Sheldon spirit, Ryan took best playlist, Garrett best stage presence, James best dressed and Brian et all best team!


Given the 11th year of recording Turkey Bowls, I've included the standings for players who have played at least 3 Turkey Bowls during the past 11 years. Credit to Bill and the two Mikes for appearing in all 11 of the Turkey Bowls, and Michael Kapnick for most wins (7).

Turkey Bowl Standings (1998-2008)*
Name History MVP's W L   Pct
Jeff Gatti WWW   3 0   1.000
Butch Madison WWLW   3 1   0.750
John Sylvestri WWWL 2 3 1   0.750
Raffaele Gatti WLW   2 1   0.667
Barry Fendleman WWL   2 1   0.667
Sean WWLWLW 3 4 2   0.667
Mike Kapnick LWWWLWWWLLW 1 7 4   0.636
Tom Greene WWLWLWL 1 4 3   0.571
Tim WLWLLWW   4 3   0.571
Dylan LWLWWL 2 3 3   0.500
Ryan LWWL 1 2 2   0.500
Mike Manchisi LLWLWWLLWWL 2 5 6   0.455
Bob Greene WWLLLWLLLW 2 4 6   0.400
Bill Greene WLLWLLWLLWL   4 7   0.364
Steve Greene LLLLWW 1 2 4   0.333
* Players who have played at least three games over the past 11 years      
Kids MVP's - Brian (2), Matt Bierman, Ryan, Zach Greene, Zach Higdon, Logan, Chris, Jacob  

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Once again, this years Turkey Bowl proves you can't win the big one without excellent play at QB. I was concerned when I first looked at the matchup of talent that I could be headed for an unprecedented third consecutive Turkey Bowl loss but those concerns were quickly dispelled by the excellent play of Sean at QB.

With Garrett our best receiver/defender having left the game to eat lunch, and fighting the sun we lost some momentum but thankfully pulled it out on a 4th down play no less (that last play was a sweet one set up by Sean!)

 As an old timer, I am in favor of the new format with plenty of substitution time--my body has never felt so good after a turkey bowl!

 By the way--don't I get some prize for most all time Turkey Bowl wins??

 See you next year 

Michael Kapnick