2007 Turkey Bowl
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2007 Turkey Bowl

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It's a funny thing getting old. Each year I'd look forward to the Turkey Bowl and would get my jersey and shoes ready the night before, excited about the competition and most excited about winning. I'd be the first or second pick in the draft and in fact, the enjoyment of Thanksgiving Day would largely depend on the outcome of the morning game.  This year was different. I really had no interest in playing and judging by the emails from the day before, neither did a number of the senior circuit Greene players. My goals this year were simple. Don't get hurt, hand the number 3 jersey ceremoniously to my son Brian, play a few downs and maybe come away with a win (in that order).

All that changed at Spoede field today. The team of Ryan, Raffaele and the 4 players who had no interest in playing (Mike, Bill, Steve and Bob) soundly defeated the team of Tom, Dylan, Mike, Dennis and Ryan by the score of 5-1. Ryan QB'd an outstanding game and took MVP honors. Everyone had a hand in the win as Steven made a key interception on the first series and everyone else scored a touchdown, which wrapped up on a beautiful pass from Ryan to Bob to close out the game. This was set up by a great call from Ryan where QB's switched at the line and Manchisi hit Raffaele for a key first down. Raffaele was key defensively, keeping Dylan at bay and also was outstanding on kickoffs, never giving Tom's team good field position. (in the interest of full disclosure, the fact that Bill's team had 6 players was also key as it enabled Bob, Bill and Mike to substitute often and avoid recreating last year's horrors).

As the winners sipped from the cup and enjoyed a cigar, there was no talk of retirement and the kids may have to wait a bit longer before the torch is passed.

In the kids game, young Tom Greene's team defeated Zach Greene's team by the score of 10-9 in a game that went way past the allotted time. Although the game was scheduled to go to "8", the "win by two" rule pushed the game into overtime and finished as young Tom Greene hit Chris with the winning touchdown. Zach Higdon and Chris shared MVP honors with gutsy performances and 4 touchdowns each.  Higdon also made a key play taking away an interception from Anthony that may have turned the game.

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While I have the highest regard for Tommy as a Turkey Bowl strategist, both in assembling a team and play calling, the critical error that occurred this year was prior to the first play---when Tommy had an opportunity to pick Mike Manchisi as a quarterback and failed to do so, instead selecting the unproven and first Turkey Bowl participant, Ryan Gormley.

Lesson learned from this year, speed is useless unless you have an arm that can deliver the ball. Without a quarterback, we were doomed. First time ever I have lost two in a row. Next year will be different.

 Michael Kapnick

Portland, Oregon