2005 Turkey Bowl
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T-Bone and son take the 2005 Turkey Bowl!

(Click on the trophy for a celebration video)



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If you came late you missed it! Tom Greene's team of Tom, Michael, Dylan, Mike, Sean and Tim crushed Bill's team of Bill, Mike, the Sylvestri brothers (John and Dave), Bob and Ryan by a score of 5-1. The combination of Sean and Dylan on the same team (why wouldn't Bill have picked one of these guys with his first draft pick??) was too much and Dylan was again named MVP with a number of great catches (one in the endzone sticks that bloodied his ear) and an interception. Sean's passing was outstanding throughout, continuously threading the needle including the game winner to Tim. Dropped balls through the first few series really hurt Bill's team and they never could get off the ground nor could the Sylvestri brother combination.

Making the drive home to Jeff city that much more pleasurable, Young T-Bone's team of Tom, James, Colin, Zach Higdon , Andrew, Will, and Jacob defeated Zach Greene's team of Zach, Anthony, Brian, Vic, Wes and Ben by the score of 9-8. Jacob took MVP honors with a number of touchdown catches and an interception. Zach's team could not find a defense and the lack of a pass rush gave quarterbacks endless amounts of time to find the open receivers. Zach Higdon caught the game winner and Brian Manchisi played a strong game though his dropped touchdown catch early may have cost his team the game.